If not on Instagram and Pinterest, I do not know where else you could find so many beautiful, mouth-watering images of food. I wonder whether food photography is the modern day still life. Because, well, admit it or not, it does have that artsy touch and it is really fascinating at times. So what makes it so special and so fashionable? And how to create outstanding food photos? Read on to explore the 9 ideas that can help you create fantastic iPhone food photos.

And again, add some light

Yes, light is the key when photographing. So, it cannot and should not be overlooked in any way. Natural light may do wonders. And if you are shooting at home, try to get as much near your kitchen window as possible. Or if you are shooting in a restaurant, then again, try to find the source of natural light and go next to it. Soft light or the so-called diffused light is the best. You can have it either in the morning or right before the sunset. These are known as the golden hours and they can create a really warm and soft atmosphere.

And please, do not forget it. Turn that flash off!

If you are shooting indoors and you do not like the light there, try to edit the picture with a few cool filters later on.

Stand up and shoot

I mean, literally. Stand up (even in public) and take the picture. Standing up over your food while it is in nice white plates will help the color of food pop. If you are at your home, you can even stand on the chair. And yes, it’s worth it!

Use less food, keep it simple

Take out stuff that you do not need. That could include distracting objects, plates etc. If the food is not so much attractive, try to capture only some parts of it. Or if the color is not good enough, try to add another color that pops out. For example, brown soup doesn’t really look tasty. But you can add something green and make it more or less appealing to the eye.

Another useful food photography trick is using less food than you normally would. This you should do since images where minimalism prevails, usually look more beautiful and artsy. And you can always use the white space of the plate as a frame for the dish.

One more key to simplicity is using simple plates and raw ingredients. Have many bowls and plates (only one of each). Sticking to non-patterned cutlery will make the food stand out more.

Create contrast, play with backgrounds

Of course, at times all white on white can look really good. However, finding the right background and using it to create contrast might be better. It all depends on what you are shooting and where you are shooting. For example, if the food has got a pale color, then you could opt for a darker background. And if the food has a bright color, then a simple white background will go well with it.

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Shoot it while cooking

On Instagram, you might usually see food stories of ready food. However, work-in-progress shots are not less attractive. Do not miss out on the great opportunities you can have along the way. Try capturing a few nice shots during the preparation or even while you or someone else is cooking.

Add a human to it

Well, basically I do not mean you should capture a portrait of someone or shoot someone while they are eating. Instead, you could add a hand holding a spoon or reaching out to a glass. Adding a human element might make your food photo more authentic for the viewers.

Keep the plates clean

Please do not roll your eyes! A lot of people make this mistake and they ruin their food photos. Even the best lighting and contrast cannot save a picture if your plates are dirty or if the atmosphere looks too messy. So, the plates that hold the food should be crystal clean and flawless. Food photography involves shooting close up images. And any imperfections will pop up really hard during a close up shot. So, make sure you keep everything shiny before you click the shoot button.

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Vary the camera angle

Different angles of view might help get really nice photos. Do not be lazy. Try different perspectives and angles and shoot many. Then choose only a few of those photos and filter them down to one or two shots.

When choosing the angle, get creative and try to show food in a completely different way than most people would see it. Also, decide how close up you want to go in on the food. If you want to show a specific portion of the food, you might need to go really close. And if you think the whole scene is worth capturing, you can opt for a bigger distance to shoot from.

Use the rule of three’s

Usually, an odd number works best in photography. Also, in a square Instagram space, odd numbers of items look better. For example, you can take 3 muffins, 3 bottles, 3 spoons etc. Combining an unusual angle with these threes can get you a really beautiful snap.

Final notes for your food photography

While it may sound like cliché: practice makes perfect. Because the only way to become good at anything is to practice it and then practice some more. Don’t feel awkward to practice food photography in public.  Be one of those people who take a photo of their food before eating it. You do not want to miss the opportunity of having a beautiful example of food photography, right? Especially if the dish is nicely presented and looks extremely delicious.

Are you still wondering what to do? Go get a few tasty snaps and share them on Instagram! Do not forget to add your comments below this article.