Oh hey, it’s already August! The peak of holiday season is here. Many of you are probably heading to some exciting travel destinations very soon. Some are off to off-the beaten path destinations, others stick to the most popular tourist attractions. No matter where you go, you always want to bring awesome iPhone images with you.

This is when one question arises. How to take unique images in places that everyone has already visited? Or the unbelievably cramped ones? Spots overloaded with crowds of tourists with dreaded selfie-sticks? Well, this is not an easy one, but we do have some tips to share with you to help you bring your holiday iPhone photos to the next level.

Take experimental iPhone images from different angles

If you are afraid your shot will be exactly the same as hundreds other tourists have taken before you, simply take more than one. The angle is everything. Try to change it differently and see how it influences the picture. You might think people have already documented everything, but sometimes even well known architectural monuments or famous landscapes might look fresh and unique. Remember that the beauty is in the eyes (and lenses, and smartphones) of the person who captures the moment.

Take close-ups

Try to become a good, attentive observer. Focus on little details and make them the dominant of your holiday iPhone images. While everyone is taking panoramas and wide shots, try to get close to things to see hidden beauty in them, and find something most people always overlook.  It could be ornaments, natural colorful patterns, flowers. Reward comes to the ones that know how to look. Simple observation is actually a great skill in today’s hectic, rushing universe.

Turn back to everyone else

You’ve probably seen that before. That organized tourist group that gets off their coach for ten minutes to photograph one famous thing and continues the sightseeing tour. You might have noticed how 99% of the tour points their smartphones and cameras in the same direction. The simplest way to get a unique shot is simply to turn back and take the “behind the scenes” composition. Be the exception to get exceptional iPhone images.

Compose the crowd into your image

If you are traveling with a group or spending your vacation in a really busy place, you might also try to turn the disadvantage into something positive by composing the accidental crowd into your iPhone images. The effects might vary, but in some cases you will get dynamic, candid photos no one else ever had. The buildings and landscapes are static, but the moments around them are dynamic and unique. It’s enough to be attentive to capture them in the best way to surprise everyone in your audience.

Remember that landscapes always look more interesting with people in them. Also, an actual human in an architecture shot gives fantastic sense of scale. Last but not least, remember that while taking close-up portraits of strangers is considered rather rude, sometimes even illegal, capturing a group from further away is still acceptable. Always respect people’s privacy while taking pictures of them in public space.

iPhone Images in Touristy Places

Think of the best light for shooting your iPhone images

This tip might look like a little bit too much if you are an amateur, but it really has all the potential to bring your holiday iPhone images to the next level. It will work even if you don’t have peculiar photography skills. Try to plan your sightseeing agenda to visit main points of interest early in the morning or late in the afternoon to be able to play with golden hour. Avoid shooting when the sun is high.The shadows might destroy your iPhone images compositions, and the colors might turn out burnt by the strong sunlight. This will radically improve your photography, and, last but not least, the soft, golden light will make your images look unique.Waking up early to take iPhone images has one more great advantage, especially if you are on a city break. Morning time gives you a chance to capture quiet, empty streets without all the chaotic hustle and bustle.

Go on a night photoshoot

I’ve already talked about the morning, but if you are an owl who refuses to get out of bed before the 2627383th alarm, you might consider something else. Another opportunity for unique shots is a night photoshoot. This might work wonders if you are in a place which is nicely illuminated after the sunset. This might help you capture an entirely different face of a city, building, or other tourist attractions. It might also help you avoid the crowds, unless you are vacationing at a typical stag do destination.

Do research

I’ve been reading travel blogs and websites for years now, and I noticed that lots of people like to go places without any prior research. If you are a photography lover, you simply can’t afford doing this. You need to get your homework done and research the most picturesque spots you might want to take advantage of. Even most touristy spots have hidden gems. Go on a quest to find and capture them on your upcoming holiday!

Try to look as a local

If you are one of these people who simply cannot visit a place without taking zillion selfies, try to blend in. Don’t carry typical tourist gadgets (like a backpack), try not to pose. Being natural will help create more valuable photography memories. Try to go beyond just documenting the bare fact that you traveled somewhere, try to arrange an intriguing portrait in your destination. We promise that those will age way better. There is also much bigger chance they will not only become social media-worthy, but also frame-worthy.

I really hope this piece of advice will help you make your iPhone images even more awesome than they already are. Safe travels, guys, and let me know if you would like to add anything to this list. Remember, sharing is caring!

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